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Below we have gathered a number of typical questions and answers regarding the use of Citroën Connected Services.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our customer service.


How many vehicles I can see on my account?

  • You can add from 1 to 10 vehicles in your account.

How do I add a vehicle to my personal space?

  • Connect to your MyCitroën account, on the top right of the homepage select “check my profile” then select “my password”. If you have a Citroën Services Store account, your new password will automatically apply. 

How to change MyCitroën password ?

  • Connect to your MyCitroën account, on the top right of the homepage select “check my profile” then select “my password”. If you have a Citroën Services Store account, your new password will automatically apply. 

How to create a MyCitroën account ? 

  • To create your MyCitroën account, go on the website MyCitroën (add your website) or the mobile apps. You will need your vehicle registration and vehicle identity number (VIN) to create your account
    Click on “subscribe”
    Add your email and VIN
    Click on confirm and fill the subscription fields
    A message should appear to confirm the creation of your account. You will receive an email to validate the account. On your mailbox, select the email and click on “activated my account”You have 20 days to confirm the subscription, after, your personal data will be deleted and you will have to create a new account again.We remind you that the subscription is free.  Once the account is created and activated, you will receive a new email with your ID and password and a new link to make your first connection to your account.

How can I delete a vehicle from MyCitroën?

  • Go on your MyCitroën personal account.
    You can manually delete one or more vehicles by clicking on “My vehicle”, “Manage my vehicles”. Then, in the “Select your vehicle” section, click on “Delete this vehicle”. Any vehicle deletion in your personnal space MyCitroën will be replicated in your Citroën Services Store account personal space. 

I have an active Monitoring, Mapping or Tracking Pack contract and I can’t renew it before the expiry date. What should I do?

  • The renewal of a pack is carried out on the day of the end of the contract. You will not be able to renew your Pack contract before or after your contract anniversary date, so you will have to renew your contract at the end of its term in order to continue to benefit from the services of your Pack.

I have a Connected Service contract. How can I cancel it in case of sale, theft, distruction or return of my lease vehicle? 

  • If you have a Connected Services contract (Teleservices, Connect Nav, SpeedCam / Danger Zones), following a resale of your vehicle, end of the lease, a destruction or a theft, you must inform us to end your contract. Please contact Citroën Customer Care by post, telephone or webform.

Does uninstalling MyCitroën application imply the loss of stored data? 

  • Following the uninstallation of the MyCitroën application, all data related to your vehicle (GPS positions, maintenance alerts, journeys made etc…) will be permanently deleted. On the other hand, all the data relating to your profile remains available via your personal information during 2 months.

How to create a Citroën Services Store account?

  • If you already have an account MyCitroën , you can log in using the same credentials to Citroën Services Store.
    In order to create a Citroën Services Store account:
    Log on to Citroën Services Store;
    If you have an account MyCitroën you should log in using the same credentials, otherwise click on “Create an account” ;
    Create your login credentials by entering your email address ans password ant then click on “Create an account” ;
    Add your vehicle by clicking on “Add my vehicle” ;
    Enter your VIN in to the dedicated field and click on “Add my vehicle” ;
    If the image correspond to your vehicle, click “Confirm”, otherwise re-enter your VIN ;

What is Citroën Services Store ?

  • Citroën Services Store is the dedicated platform for all Citroën connected services. You will have the opportunity to consult/manage all connected services of your car in total autonomy. Visit Citroën Services Store to discover the world of Citroën connected services.

Why create a Citroën store account?

  • Thanks to your Citroën Services Store account you can manage all your connected services from your couch. For more information about our connected services, go to Citroën Services Store. 

Why a Citroën Services Store account if I already have a MyCitroën account ?

  • Your Citroën Services Store account allows you to manage all Citroën connected services and also to be informed about the new offers available. Thanks to your Citroën Services Store account you can subscribe, extend, or renew your connected services offer. The MyCitroën application allows you to take advantage, in real time conditions, of your connected services subscribed on the Citroën Services Store personal account.

Can I log in to Citroën Services Store using the same credentials from MyCitroën ?

  • If you already have an account MyCitroën , you can log in using the same credentials to Citroën Services Store by clicking on ‘Connect’.

If I add a vehicle in MyCitroën personal space will it appear in my Citroën Services Store ?

  • Your MyCitroën  & Citroën Services Store account are the same. Both are linked together and any change will be transferred trough other apps. 

How to unsubscribe from Citroën Services Store ?

  • To unsubscribe from Citroën Services Store, go to your personal space Citroën Services Store. in “MY ACCOUNT > MY PERSONAL DATA” scroll down the page, click to “UNSUBSCRIBE” This action will not cause any effect on your ongoing contracts. If you would like to terminate your contracts, please contact our HelpDesk.

If I sell my vehicle, does the new owner will have access to my personal data?

  • If you sell your vehicle, yes. If you do not wish that the new owner access yo your personal information, you can terminate your contract by contacting the Citroën HelpDesk.

Are the information about my vehicle and the trips I’ve made available on my Services Store personal space?

  • No, but you can access these information by going to your MyCitroën personal space. 

When will I get charged for the purchase of a connected service on Citroën Services Store ? 

  • Your account will be charged 14 days after the service is active . You will get a confirmation email. 

Can I add a vehicle bought abroad on my Citroën Services Store account ?

  • Yes, you just need to type the VIN number in the dedicated field. 

Can I create a Citroën Services Store account through a smartphone app?

  • No, the dedicated online platform is the only alternative at the moment.

Can I add several vehicles in my Citroën Services Store account ?

  • Yes. You just need to add the VIN number in the dedicated field ‘ADD A VEHICLE’ on the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section. 
    The new vehicle will then be automatically added in the MyCitroën app. 

Following the removal of my vehicle from my personal Citroën Services Store account, I do not longer have access to my services. What should I do?

  • You will need to re-register your vehicle in your Citroën Services Store personal account. 

Following the removal of my vehicle from my Citroën Services Store personal account, am I still eligible to use the service?

  • Yes. Removing a vehicle from your personal account has no impact on the subscribed services. If you want to see your active contracts, you will need to read your vehicle to your personal account. 

What happens if I delete my vehicle from my Citroën Services Store personal space?

  • Following the removal of a vehicle in Citroën Services Store, you will not be able to view your active contracts or subscribe to a connected service. However, deleting a vehicle has neither incidence on your actives services nor your contracts. 
    Removing a vehicle from Citroën Services Store will also delete the vehicle data in MyCitroën App. 

What happens if I unsubscribe from my Citroën Services Store personal space?

  • If you unsubscribe you will no longer be able to receive information regarding your contracts. However, unsubscribing has no impact on your contracts or your services.

Would I have to own a CITROËN vehicle in order to subscribe to Citroën Services Store ?

  • No. On Citroën Services Store we welcome all clients interested on our products wherever they own or not a Citroën vehicle. However only the clients who own a Citroën vehicle can purchase our connected services.

I have changed my email address. How can I change it in my Citroën Services Store account ? 

  • You can change the email address in your Citroën Services Store account by going to “MY ACCOUNT” > “MY PERSONAL INFORMATION”.
    The new email address will be automatically changed for MyCitroën account as well.

I forgot my password to access my account Citroën Services Store. How can I get it back ? 

  • While on the home page of Citroën Services Store, click on “Forgot password”. Fill in the email attached to your account, then click “OK”.
    Yo will receive en email with the new password. The new password will work for the MyCitroën account as well.

Why I can not subscribe to all connected services ?

  • Not all the connected services are available for all vehicles. The “HOME” tab of Citroën Services Store will automatically filter the available services for your vehicle. You can manage this action via the “Available services” on the upper left corner in the Shop section. 

How to subscribe to a connected service ?

  • In order to subscribe to a connected service please go to Citroën Services Store. You have to create an account and add your vehicle via the VIN. Please click on “HOME”, then on “DISCOVER” on the service you want and then on “ADD TO  CART”. Please accept the general conditions of sale, then click on “CONTINUE”, fill in your billing address and personal information, then click on “CONTINUE”. Fill in the secured payment registration form then click on “OK”. You will receive a confirmation of your order via email soon after.

Is it possible to have feedback information from my vehicle on the Citroën Services Store platform?

  • No, Citroën Services Store platform does not offer feedback on your vehicle data. Find all your vehicle information on your MyCitroën account.

How can I terminate a connected service agreement ?

  • If you wish to terminate a connected service contract, you must contact the Citroën HelpDesk via telephone or the contact form. You will find all necessary information on Citroën Services Store, at the bottom of the page, in the “Contact” section.

How to add a vehicle in my personal space Citroën Services Store ?

  • Go to your personal space Citroën Services Store. You can add manually one or several vehicles by clicking ‘ADD MY VEHICLE”.  Enter the VIN, then click : “ADD MY VEHICLE” If the displayed vehicle corresponds to the model of your vehicle, click on ‘Confirm’ (if it doesn’t appear, please check the VIN).
    To add more vehicles, go to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and ‘ADD A VEHICLE’ .

How to change my personal details on my Citroën Services Store personal space?

  • Go to your personal space Citroën Services Store , go to ‘MY ACCOUNT > PERSONAL INFORMATION’ and click on the pen logo, then ‘Change’.
    Any modification will be transferred to MyCitroën app.

Do I have to wait for the delivery of my vehicle in order to create my Citroën Services Store account? 

  • Yes, we strongly recommend to wait at least 2 days after the delivery of your vehicle before you subscribe to Citroën Services Store because you will need the car VIN to add your vehicle to the account.



Can I program my vehicle to charge when my electric tariff is cheaper?

  • Yes. Your car allows you to postpone/program charging to benefit from off peak tariffs. Once you have subscribed, this service can be managed directly from your smartphone within our app

Can I set the temperature of the preheating / pre-cooling feature?

  • You don’t have to set it yourself, as the car will always target a comfortable temperature, heating when the temperature is cold, and using air-conditioning when the temperature is hot. Your vehicle will automatically adjust to 21 degrees c.

Can I stop my vehicle charging remotely?

  • When you switch to programmed charge, charging is temporarily stopped until the programmed time.

How can I improve my range when it’s cold?

  • Heating the cabin consumes a lot of energy. To improve your range when it’s cold outside, you are able to pre-heat your vehicle whilst it is on charge. This means when you get in your vehicle it’s already at an ambient temperature, with energy taken from the power source, not the vehicle battery. The pre-heating function can be triggered or programmed remotely in our mobile app and can also be used to cool the vehicle on a hot day.

How long does it take to pre-heat / pre-cool my car?

  • The pre-conditioning (heating or cooling) duration depends on the initial temperature of the cabin and on the external temperature. When you schedule pre-conditioning for later, the system will start 30 minutes before the time you requested to ensure a comfortable temperature in every case. It will then remain active 15 minutes after that time, or until you unlock the vehicle.

How can I schedule or postpone a charging session?

  • When you plug your car in to charge, charging usually starts immediately (or upon activation of the charge point). You can then switch to postponed charge within our app, which will stop the charging session until the time you have selected.

What is the price of the remote control features?

  • As these remote control features help maximize the efficiency of your electric vehicle and provide ease of use, they are included free of charge with your car for the entire life of the vehicle – or as long as you own it.

When I pre-heat / pre-cool my vehicle, will the vehicle be locked or can anyone access it?

  • Pre-conditioning is only available when the vehicle is locked. If you unlock it, pre-conditioning will stop.

What information and features are available for my electric vehicle in the mobile app?

  • In our app you will see the status of charging and battery charge % (including while charging), the speed of charge, the remaining charging time and the estimated available range in miles. In addition you are able to program charge times to suit your needs, or take advantage of lower electricity tariffs and off peak times. Pre-conditioning allows you to heat or cool your vehicle ahead of a journey, and when the vehicle is on charge, the energy will be taken from the power source, not your vehicle battery – helping you to maximize range.

Will I be notified when charging is complete? Will I know if an issue causes charging to stop?

  • Yes, you will receive a notification in-app when charging reaches 100%, and for rapid charging when it reaches the 80% threshold. You will receive a notification if charging is stopped in the case of an issue (electricity power cut, unplugging, etc.)

Will the air conditioning and media console cause power drain reducing my range?

  • Air conditioning and heating the vehicle cabin does indeed consume energy and will reduce your range. However, the media console, and safety items such as headlights and windscreen wipers are powered by the auxiliary (12v) battery under the bonnet, and will not reduce your range.