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Below we have gathered a number of answers to typical questions regarding the use of Citroën Connected Services.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our customer service.



General issues

Services available in Citroën Connect

What is Citroën Connect?
Citroën Connect is a new way to stay connected and secure on the road. Smart technology systems are always there to help and related services are offering security and innovation.  Citroën Connect is coming in 2019 to keep you safe and make every trip exciting and efficient.

What services are available with Citroën Connect?
The Emergency and Breakdown call are the first functions of the new Citroën Connect and are expected to be available in the Grandland X, Crossland X, Combo, Vivaro and Zafira Life from May 2019.

Vehicles featuring the Emergency and Breakdown Call function are equipped with a red SOS and a black service button.

An Emergency Call is triggered automatically with the activation of the airbags and seat belt  pre-tensioners in case of an accident. An Emergency Call can also be triggered manually by pressing the red SOS button. The Breakdown Call can only be triggered manually by pressing the black service button.

In more detail, the Emergency Call includes the following features:
Automatic Crash Notification (“ACN”) provides assistance when an accident occurs and an airbag deploys. In this event, an ACN signal containing Customer and location information will automatically transmit to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Emergency Assistance (“EA”) enables vehicle occupants to request emergency assistance by pressing the red SOS button in the vehicle. This action transmits Vehicle information and location to the PSAP, who assist in coordinating the dispatch of appropriate emergency assistance.

It includes always a position request (PRQ) and the Set of Data for emergency call to be automatically provided to the PSAP: enable the PSAP to identify the exact location of the Vehicle, to support Automatic Crash Notification and Emergency Assistance.

In more detail, the Breakdown Call includes the following features:

Access to Roadside Assistance (“RSA”) enables Vehicle occupants to request Roadside Assistance by pressing the Black Service Button in the Vehicle. This action opens a voice call and automatically transmits the Set of Data for Breakdown Call to the AC, who assists in coordinating the dispatch of appropriate Roadside Assistance to the Customer.
It includes also a position request (PRQ) and the Set of Data for b-call to be automatically provided to the service provider: enable the service provider to identify the exact location of the Vehicle, to support the following function: Access to Roadside Assistance.

In what kinds of emergencies can I press the SOS button?
The Emergency Call function can help you with every imaginable emergency or life-threatening situation in the vehicle. Whether you have an accident, a medical emergency or you see an accident on the road and you want to alert the emergency services, just press the red SOS button whenever you would dial the 112 via phone and you will be put through to the local 112 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

What if I press the red SOS button unintentionally?
Sometimes these things happen, it is no problem. If you pressed the button unintentionally, you can press it directly a second time to hang up the call, otherwise you are connected and can explain to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) agent.

Is the emergency call function available in all EU countries?
Yes, the Emergency Call function is available in all EU countries including UK, and in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

In which language will the PSAP agent talk to me when an Emergency Call is triggered?
The Emergency Call is routed to the nearest emergency center/ Public Safety Answering Point. The PSAP agent will talk in the local language.

What happens if I cannot talk to the PSAP agent or if he does not understand me?
In any case, when no passenger is able to speak for instance due to injuries or cannot be understood, the ‘Minimum Set of Data’ is sent, and the rescue forces will be sent to the position of the vehicle. In case the agent does not speak your language you can try to speak in English.

Can I use the red SOS button also for other purposes, e. g. when I need an advice or an information?
No, this is only for emergency situations like accidents, medical emergencies or life-threatening situations. Using the red SOS button for other purposes is considered as misuse and can be penalized.


Status of connected services

It is important to know the status of the Connected Services contracts allowing the transmission of vehicle data. To do so, please visit your Citroën Services Store (compatible with any browser except for Internet Explorer).

You can subscribe to several types of contracts:

  • Remote Control and e-Remote Control

If the new owner signs a new contract, the previous contract is automatically rescinded. Otherwise, the previous owner must rescind the contract following these instructions (How to rescind…)


How to enable and disable data sharing and geolocation?

Any connected vehicle is equipped with a privacy protection mechanism.
– Private mode activated: data sharing and vehicle position cannot be done.
– Intermediate private mode: data sharing only can be done (except vehicle position).
– Private mode disabled: data sharing and vehicle position can be done

Connected services (Telemaintenance, reporting vehicle information in the MyMarque application, connected navigation services, Mirror Screen functions (CarPlay / Android Auto), SOS and Assistance services, remote e-commands, etc.) are only returned when the private mode is deactivated.

So if you have these services (subject to availability and / or subscription in your country), you can check, and if necessary, modify the private mode of your vehicle by following the procedure.(which you can also download if you click on the attached file at the end of the article).


SOS and assistance buttons

(Your vehicle does not have these buttons, go to Action B) [Link action B]

Step 1: Start the vehicle and let the engine run

2nd step: Press the SOS and ASSISTANCE buttons simultaneously and release immediately
At the end of the double-push, a voice message invites you to go to the next step: “To confirm switching to geolocated mode, please press the ASSISTANCE button”

In case there is no voice message: [Go to step 4]

Step 3: Press the ASSISTANCE button to confirm the change to geolocated mode.

Pay no attention to the blinking of the SOS button

A voice message confirms that you have switched to geolocated mode:

“You are now in geolocated mode”

B – Action on the touch screen

Step 4: Click on the “menu” icon (to the left of the gears)

Step 5: Select “Private mode”

In case there is no Private mode menu: Go to step 7

Step 6: Select “Sharing of data and vehicle position” an1d click on „OK”.

Step 7: Go to the navigation, and click on “Menu”.

 Step 8: „Click on “Settings”.     

Step 9:  Select the “Card” tab then check “Authorize the sending of information” and click on “OK”.

The setting is complete. If you do not have this menu and you do not have an SOS and Assistance function, your vehicle is not connected.

Step 10:  To access the « Private Mode » menu, click on the banner or drag it from the top to bottom

Step 11:  Select on the left side of your screen « Private mode »

Step 12:  Select option « Sharing data and location ». The setting is done.


SOS and assistance equipment

Citroën SOS & Assistance equipment. Emergency and breakdown call is a telematics box mounted in your vehicle. This equipment transmits information from your vehicle to the manufacturer as part of the service Citroën Connect SOS & Assistance * and different connected services subject to subscription.

* The SOS & Assistance Service is issued for 10 (ten) years from the first registration of the Vehicle. Beyond this period, the service is deactivated without the possibility of retaining it. This may result in an orange flashing of the SOS LED of the ceiling light for 3 minutes after starting the vehicle.


What is Citroën Services Store?

CITROËN Services Store is the platform dedicated to the universe of CITROËN connected services. With CITROËN Services Store you will discover all of CITROËN connected services and will have the possibility of viewing / managing your connected services of your car in total autonomy.

Visit CITROËN Services Store (Compatible with all browsers except Internet Explorer) to discover the world of our connected services.


Account management

How to create and manage myCitroën account?

Thanks to your MyCitroën account, you have easy access to:

  • The MyCitroën app
  • MyCitroën personal web space compatible with any browser except Internet Explorer
  • The Citroën Services Store for Connected Services (compatible with any browser except Internet Explorer)
  • The Citroën LifeStyle shop

Creation and activation of an account

Let yourself be guided by the registration process to easily create a MyMarque account on the Citroën Services Store links or on the MyMARQUE application.

You will be asked to define your login details by entering your email address and a password and entering some personal information.


  • Your account will be active once you have validated the registration by the activation email.
  • [OV] To have all the features of the personal space WEB MyOV, your account must be verified. If this is not the case, we recommend you to go to your point of sale. They will be able to validate the ownership of the vehicle.

If you are having trouble creating and activating your account:

  • If you have not received the activation email: Check that the email is not in your spam folder.
  • If the link in your activation email does not work, or you did not receive it: Generate a new activation email by clicking on the following link:

If the problem persists after following these indications, please go to the application and fill in the form for Contact and Assistance.

Account login

Use your username and password
If this connection to the account is made from a WEB site, you can use any browser except Internet Explorer.

If you are experiencing connection difficulties:

  • Check the entry of your username and password.
  • If you have lost or forgotten your password, reset it from the connection page with the “Forgotten password” function.
  • If you use the MyMarque application,
    – Update the application from the store. In order to improve the security of your personal data, the major version 1.22 requires that you change your password immediately after downloading this version.
    – If you still cannot identify yourself, we invite you to reinstall the MyMarque application.
    -For iPhone owners: it may be necessary to change the country on the MyMarque application.
  • Open the application, on the REGISTRATION / CONNECTION page, change the country by clicking on MODIFY,
  • A message tells you to close and relaunch the application,
  • Follow the instructions provided
  • Change the country again to return to your country of use
  • Relaunch a connection attempt

If the problem persists after following these indications, please go to the application and fill in the form for Contact and Assistance.


Account modification

From your MyMarque account from the Citroën Services Store or from the MyMarque application, you can:

– Add a vehicle from the VIN * or delete an existing vehicle from your account. You can enter or delete one or more vehicles. Each vehicle will have access to dedicated services.

Procedure Adding a vehicle:
Go to the Citroën Services Store, in “My vehicle”, “Manage my vehicles”, click on “Add a vehicle”.

From the MyMARQUE application,

  • You have no vehicle to enter yet: click on the “My vehicle” and “Add a vehicle” section.
  • You already have a vehicle: click on the vehicle at the top left, a drop-down list appears with “Add a vehicle”.

Procedure for deleting a vehicle:

  • Go to the Citroën Services Store, in “My vehicle”, “Manage my vehicles”, “Select your vehicle”, click on “Delete this vehicle”.
  • From the MyMARQUE application, select the vehicle, click on the “My vehicle” and “Delete this vehicle” section.

If a vehicle is deleted, you will no longer be able to subscribe to connected services for this vehicle. You will no longer have access to the status of the services purchased on this vehicle. However, the deletion of a vehicle has no impact on the operation of your services or on current contracts.


Modify personal data

To modify your personal data:

Procedure for your mail address/ password/ phone number

  • From the Citroën Services Store in the “MY ACCOUNT” section then “MY PERSONAL INFORMATION”
  • From MyMarque via the “CHARACTER” icon then by clicking on your account identifier

Note: The telephone is required for the restoration of the remote maintenance service

Procedure for your favourite point of sale

– On MyMarque WEB, choose “My Workshop”, Search for your favourite workshop using the interactive map, select by clicking on the marker and click on set as favourite workshop

– From MyMarque, in the section My account/ My point of sale, Search for your favourite workshop using the interactive map, select by clicking on the marker and click on set as favourite workshop

* The chassis number (VIN) of your vehicle may be required to complete your profile. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or chassis number is a set of 17 characters that uniquely identify your vehicle. You will find it on your registration certificate.


Subscriptions, services & billing

How to unsubscribe from MyMARQUE?

It is possible to unsubscribe from MyMARQUE:

– From Citroën Service Store (Compatible with all browsers except Internet Explorer), go to “MY ACCOUNT”, “MY PERSONAL INFORMATION”, at the bottom of the page click on “UNSUBSCRIBE”.

– From the MyMARQUE application, via the “CHARACTER” icon then by clicking on “UNSUBSCRIBE”

If you unsubscribe, you will no longer be able to receive information relating to the management of your contracts. However, this action will have no effect on your current contracts as well as on the potential costs associated with them.

If you wish to terminate your contracts, go here FAQ TERMINATION.

If you also want to uninstall the MyMARQUE application, you can do so directly from your smartphone. All data related to your vehicle (GPS positions, maintenance alerts, journeys made, etc.) will be permanently deleted.


How to terminate a connected services contract?

If you benefit from a Connected Services contract (Telemaintenance, Connected Navigation, Danger Zone Alerts, etc.), several possibilities arise:

  • Following the resale of your vehicle, a long-term rental return, destruction, theft or by wish, you want to terminate your contract.
  • If you change your mind on the online purchase of a contract, you have 14 days to withdraw, if you exercise this right, you will be reimbursed for the service ordered
  • In the case of free trials, the contract can be rescinded at any time during the free trial period, and not only within the first 15 days.

In order to make your request, you have two options:

  • Online on Citroën Services Store (Compatible with all browsers except Internet Explorer and only available for certain connected services contracts),
  • Go on the heading My Account/ My services
  • Click on cancel
  • Confirm by clicking on OK
  • Or inform us using the Contact and Assistance service by filling in the form available in the application.


Document to provide to justify your termination request:

  • Telemaintenance: no ID is required.
  • For other services: it is imperative to provide a copy of an identity document


  • Connected Navigation and Danger Zone Alerts: if you sell your vehicle, the new owner could use these services provided there is an active contract, even if this contract is not under their own name. When the contract expires, they can sign a new contract under their name.
  • [PC FR / ES] Telemaintenance InfoBox: The termination involves the final deactivation of the InfoBox without compensation. The service can no longer be reactivated.

Manage billing for my connected services?

The billing for the purchase of a connected service occurs 1 day after the activation of your service. Your account will be debited accordingly. Your invoice is then available, accessible and printable in PDF format in Citroën Services Store.

Your account will be debited accordingly 1 day after Billing, so 2 days after activation of service.
You will be notified of the activation of the service by the receipt of an activation email.
To access your invoice, log into your account, click on the icon at the top right to access the page, then click on “my invoices” on the menu appearing on the left.

When the subscription is made, it is not possible to modify the invoice issued. You can, before subscribing, change your data on your account page. To access it, click on the icon at the top right of your page, then click on “my personal information”.



What is the MyMarque application?

The MyMarque personal space is accessible from your computer via the following URLS or via the free mobile application available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Thanks to your personal space (compatible with all Citroën vehicle models,) you are connected with your vehicle (subject to eligibility), always informed and always accompanied.

A simple registration is enough to have your own personal space. You will be asked to enter your vehicle in order to offer you suitable services.

The MyMarque personal web space is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers and in a mobile version on Android and Apple browsers.

The MyMarque mobile application is only compatible with iOS smartphones (version 12 and above) and with Android smartphones (version 7 and above) and will require a data plan of at least 500 MB in order to use the set features.

Depending on the type of your vehicle (thermal, electric, hybrid) and its eligibility for the service, the application allows you access to different functions such as monitoring your driving and consumption statistics, planning and making an appointment for your maintenance. ,access the user manual, program the load and thermal comfort of your vehicle remotely, etc.


How to get the digital maintenance booklet?

To obtain the virtual maintenance book (Maintenance e-book), all you need to do is go to your favorite point of sale to have it validate you as the owner of the vehicle.

In addition, this service can be offered to you when purchasing a vehicle or performing maintenance. Warning: to be registered, you must provide an email to the repairer: if you have a MyMarque account, remember to give the email associated with your account to be able to benefit from the service.


How to follow your maintenance?

MyMarque offers a virtual maintenance log that helps you follow the recommended maintenance report for your vehicle using the information you write down such as:

  • the current mileage,
  • the average annual mileage and the type of personal or professional use.

You must update your mileage yourself (unless your vehicle is connected via Bluetooth [PC FR] or with a ConnectPacks contract, [ALL] in which case the mileage update is automatic) and note the maintenance carried out so that the maintenance book is up to date.

[PC FR] In addition, if you subscribe to our digital “Maintenance e-book” service, you will also benefit from automatic updates of the maintenance operations carried out by your repairers as part of the maintenance plan. And it’s free.

To find out how to obtain this service, see the URL chapter: 9.2 AUDIENCE: How to obtain the digital maintenance booklet

[OV] You can find your maintenance history carried out in the Citroën network directly under MyOV Web. This service is available subject to: the verification of ownership made at the POS (see FAQ 5.1) and during that period.

What to do if you cannot find your maintenance intervention in MyMarque?

  • Check that this took place after the activation date of your contract. Indeed, prior interventions will not be available. (except in the case of resale of a vehicle that already has this type of service)
  • Also check in MyMarque that you have an activated E-book Maintenance contract. If this is not the case, check that you are logged into your MyMarque account with the email you gave to the repairer, and that you have finalized your subscription.
  • If your contract is active, make sure with your repairer that he has updated your maintenance log
  • If, despite all these conditions met, you do not see your intervention, contact our customer service.


How can I retrieve my driving data and my vehicle information?

This information is delivered by the connection between the vehicle and the application using the following services:

Bluetooth service:
For that you need:

1) Start the phone’s Bluetooth.
2) Launch the MyMarque application.
3) Enter the VIN or Select the correct vehicle in the MyMarque application. It will display the following icon in the application banner. If not, the vehicle does not have this functionality.
4) Connect your smartphone from the vehicle’s touch screen (By checking only Phone and Streaming on the touch screen), a “Connected to vehicle” banner is displayed in the application.

The trip as well as the information will be reported in the application when the vehicle contact is switched off.

Special features of the trip ascent and vehicle information:

  • The minimum distance of a journey so that it can be displayed in the application is 300 meters.
  • The average consumption of a trip will only be displayed for trips longer than 2 km.

If you encounter connection problems, we invite you to follow these recommendations:

From the smartphone

  1. Make sure you only have one application launched on the smartphone MyCitroën
  2. Be careful not to use other applications using Bluetooth such as Spotify or Waze, you must force stop these applications and make sure that your MyMarque application is properly connected to the vehicle before launching the other applications. To verify this connection, you should view a connection banner from the home page of the application, located above the image of your vehicle.
  3. If you have several VINs associated with your account, please ensure that you have the correct VIN selected in your application before making the connection between your vehicle and the MyMarque application.
  4. Do not connect your smartphone via WIFI or (for Iphone to a USB cable, in order to ensure the reporting of journeys via Bluetooth.
  5. Check that the MyMarque application is not in the list of applications in the smartphone battery optimization options menu.

From the vehicle

  1. Check that the date (Day / Month / Year) and time in the vehicle correspond to the telephone.
  2. Please make sure that the private mode of your touch screen is deactivated. If the private mode is activated, your journeys cannot be reassembled in the application. PRIVACY FAQ
  3. Please verify that when pairing your smartphone to the vehicle, you do not check the 3rd “Connection sharing” box which is found on the touch screen. This connection sharing mode blocks the ascent of journeys.
  4. Please verify that when pairing your smartphone to the vehicle, you accept this pairing first from the touch screen before confirming it from the smartphone.

If the problem persists after following these indications, please contact us by filling the form available within the Contact & Assistance section in the application.


How to save or export/import my driving data?

Country/Citroën Scope:

Changing smartphones or uninstalling / reinstalling the app will erase your saved trips. In order to keep them, you can export them from your smartphone, then re-import them on your new smartphone (same procedure in the case of an uninstall / re-installation of MyMarque).

You can also export your trips in spreadsheet format.

Procedure here

* To be able to export your trips, you must have an email application installed in your phone.

If the function “find your driving data” on another smartphone is greyed out:

  • Either you have no recorded journey
  • [PC FR] Either your vehicle is connected with the ConnectPack Monitoring service or in this case, you will automatically find your journeys in the application. We remind you that the service is limited to trips of the last two months.


How to Install the Citroën update app

Citroën UPDATE is a tool for preparing a USB key for an update of the multimedia system.

Windows: Click link

Mac: Click link




  • Minimum system requirements: Windows 7 / 1 GHz processor / 2 GB of RAM memory / DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
  • Start the downloading as administrator
  • Right click on the donwloaded application icon
  • Click on Run with Administrative Privileges



  • Minimum system requirements: MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) / only 64 bit / 2 GB of RAM memory
  • On MacOS (10.15 Catalina), write access must be allowed on removable media. Go to system preferences / Security and confidentiality / Confidentiality / Files and folders / Check the box corresponding to the application

It is not possible to download this file in a USB key. Please select an internal disk (for example, c:\).

Note: Citroën Update is currently not compatible with the operating system LINUX.

How do I know if a recall campaign is undergoing for my vehicle?

It is possible to check whether a recall campaign is in progress for your vehicle via the MYMARQUE application.

–          Click on the icon below which you will find at the top right
–          Click on “My recall reminder ”
–          Click your vehicle and click on “Check”

The application will display the information and steps related to your vehicle.


How to apply filters and categories to driving data in My

In the application MyCitroën, you can classify your trips and filter them by date or category.

By default, all the trips are saved in the category “Other”. You can use the existing categories or create new ones that fit your needs better.

  • To create a new category, please tap on “Add a category”:

As for the filters, you can use them to sort your trips by category or by date with the help of the calendar embedded in the application.

For your trips to be displayed correctly, please take the following information into account:

  • If one or several filters are active, the icon “filter” will be black.
  • If there are no active filters, the icon “filter” will be white.

If you experience problems after following these indications, you can access the Contact and Assistance service by filling in the form available in the application.


What is Remote Control / e-Remote Control?

Remote Control and e-Remote Control offer you a unique experience of comfort with different & efficient functionalities that go beyond driving.


E-Remote Control is a free service available for new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It can be used through MyBrand application. VIDEO LINK

Status Information

The main page displays key battery information including charge status and level as well as estimated range of autonomy.

In order to display updated information, home page refresh is required by:

– sliding it down from top to bottom

– clicking on the round-shaped arrow at the page top right

The right information should appear in less than a minute.

While info is loading, internet connection must be stable.

It must neither switch from WIFI to 3G/4G/5G mobile data nor inversely. Otherwise, the communication will be interrupted.

Remote charging

With this function you can remotely set up & start charging your vehicle when plugged in. It also allows you to switch from immediate charge mode to deferred charge mode -and the other way round-. Deferred charge can as well be activated by pressing a specific button in the charging hatch. When the charge reaches 100% a notification is sent.

Remote heating and cooling

This function sets a comfortable temperature in your vehicle. You do not need to configure the pre-conditioning yourself, since e-Remote Control will always reach a comfortable temperature of 21°C.

General conditions of use

Using this function while charging does not affect your vehicle’s range, yet it will be ready for use at a comfortable temperature.

When you program a pre-conditioning, the system starts between 30 and 45 minutes before target time so your vehicle reaches a comfortable temperature and remains active 10 minutes later. It is therefore the time in which you will use your vehicle that must be programmed.

Depending on your vehicle’s equipment, you can also program the charging from your connected navigation system’s touch screen, via the “Charge” page of the “ELECTRICAL” menu and program the pre-conditioning times in the ” OPTIONS” on the “AIR CONDITIONING” page.

The first launch of a pre-conditioning will only start if there is a 45-minutes lapse between the moment you define the programming and the chosen time.

Once programmed, the pre-conditioning is stored in the vehicle and will be launched even outside good network areas.

The doors and/or trunk must be locked. If you unlock the vehicle during pre-conditioning, it will stop after 1 minute.

Charge commands when requested during a pre-conditioning will be taken into account by the vehicle and launched when pre-conditioning stops. Be aware that an information message may be displayed on the app.

Special conditions for hybrid vehicles

Initiating the pre-conditioning of your vehicle will interrupt in-progress charge. It will be resumed at the end of temperature programming, providing that the charging station allows it. Whenever the battery level goes below 20%, yet the vehicle is not in charge, the pre-conditioning function will not be available.

Special conditions for electric vehicles

Fast charging mode can simultaneously operate with pre-conditioning with no condition. However, during regular charge, outside temperature is a condition:

– Between 5 and 35°, pre-conditioning and charging can work at the same time

– Beyond this range launching a pre-conditioning program will interrupt the charge of your vehicle. It will be resumed at the end of this programming.

Whenever the battery level goes below 50%, the pre-conditioning function will not be available.



Remote Control is a paid service available for new internal-combustion-engine, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, allowing remote interaction between your smartphone and your vehicle. This service can be used through MyBrand app.

For all Remote Control functions, no later than 20 seconds after sending an order, there are 2 ways to check if it has been sent indeed

– by a banner (if MyBrand is home page open)

– by notification (if MyBrand is on the background or the smartphone is locked)

Lock status

This feature allows you to monitor the lock status of your car. In order to get the updated status displayed on the home page, a refresh is required by:

– sliding it down from top to bottom

– clicking on the round-shaped arrow at the page top right

Note: As soon as at least one door is unlocked, the status displayed on MyBrand is unlocked.

Remote lock/unlock

This feature allows you to remotely lock/unlock your vehicle’s doors. Animated app buttons indicate the order is in progress. The vehicle is locked/unlocked no later than 8 seconds after request.

Button availability is not related to vehicle’s lock status, e.g., “lock” button is available even when the vehicle is locked.

Remote lighting

This feature allows you to remotely switch on warnings or sidelights, depending on your vehicle. Animated app buttons indicate the order is in progress no later than 8 seconds after your request:

– initially, that the order is in progress

– then, for 10 seconds, that lights are on.

Remote honking

This feature allows you to remotely honk. Animated app buttons indicate the order is in progress no later than 8 seconds after your request:

– initially, that the order is in progress -a notification advises you to ensure compliance with local regulations on the use of car horns-.

– then, for 10 seconds, that the vehicle is honking.

When a second horn order is received by the vehicle before the previous one ends, the vehicle will honk a second time with a limited sound level.


Subscription & activation of e-Remote Control and Remote Control services?

Remote services require secure authentication for user recognition. In order to correctly authenticate, please follow the instructions below:

Note: Should there be an existing contract for another user over the concerned vehicle, it will be automatically terminated when your activation process is finished.

  • Download the MyBrand mobile application and create an account
  • Enter your VIN
  • Go to “Vehicle” then “Service” tab
  • Choose your desired service from the list of available Connected Services
  • Subscribe to the service
  • Complete the activation in 3 steps:

* To be completed within 6 days, otherwise contract will be automatically terminated

  • Register a trusted phone number
  • Register your smartphone using a SAFETY code and/or Face ID / Touch ID

– To use Face ID, you must use at least an IPHONE 9

– To use Touch ID, you must use at least an IPHONE 7 / 8; or an Android

  • Go to your vehicle with your smartphone and your key:
  1. Start your vehicle,
  2. Establish the Bluetooth connection between your vehicle and your smartphone,

iii. Follow the steps for identifying the key

* If necessary, vehicle updates will be displayed on the app & installed in the next trips -at least, 15-minutes or longer-. As soon as the vehicle is up to date, you can enjoy Remote services.

Note: Do regularly refresh the app’s home page throughout your subscription and activation process by sliding your screen from top to bottom


Using e-Remote Control and Remote Control services: code of practice

So you can get the most of your e-Remote Control and Remote Control services, please follow the below code of practice:

  • Make sure you have finished subscription and activation procedures
  • Make sure you are in a full network area
  • Be sure to use make at least every 7 days an at-least-15-minutes long trip with your vehicle
  • Check that your vehicle’s private mode is deactivated here => Link How to activate and deactivate data sharing and vehicle position? (Link to question 2.2. How to enable and disable data sharing and vehicle position)
  • You can use the e-Remote Control and Remote Control on different smartphones provided you log in with the account of subscription to the service. The application will guide you through the smartphone registration with validation steps.

Despite these recommendations, if you encounter difficulties, you are welcome to CONTACT US